Monday, June 21, 2010

Nahh Enabling Zynga Poker Table List and Ninja Saga Recruit Friends Using Firefox on Ubuntu

Enabling Zynga Poker Table List and Ninja Saga Recruit Friends Using Firefox on Ubuntu

Its such a long times since I can't use firefox to see Zynga poker table list and also ninja saga recruit friends on ubuntu, its really really suck... true... not enjoyable...
But now... thanks for google chrome to bring it out such a wonderful plugins... that can use it as firefox plugin also...
I will share how to use it in very easy way, so all people will follow it including newbie... ^_^ ('coz I'm newbie too)
Right now I already use it on ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid), 9.04 (Jaunty) and Blankon 4 and all works excellent! I assume it will also works fine at later versions of ubuntu such as 9.10 Karmic and 10.04 Lucid

Here some tutorial how to set those plugins than will shows Zynga Poker table list and Ninja Saga recruit friends :
1. First, you should have latest flash player, download it at adobe for ubuntu 8.04 deb, you can also get it by typing apt via terminal :

sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree

but I suggest you download it from adobe and double click on it to install.

when you get some error message about flashplugin-installer, uninstall it via synaptic :

System >> administration >> Synaptic package Manager

Type on search bar : flashplugin-installer, than right click on it and choose complete removal, when finish removed, closed it and double click on flash player that you just download it from adobe.

2. To get 2 plugins needed, you should download google chrome, follow this link to my previous post about google chrome and you can download it through there.

Choose the best and appropriate installer for your desktop specification, and when finished... install it by double click on it.

3. To get firefox updated I suggest you download the latest firefox version for linux, that will be 3.6.3 at this time.

4. After finished download, extract it, (right click on it and find "extract here"), and don't forget to rename it (I rename mine as firefox-3.6.3)

5. Now The easiest way to install new firefox is by copy and paste it to firefox directory, that would be at :

/usr/lib (the place at file system)

6. Open your terminal and type :

sudo nautilus

it require a passwords and will bring you a super windows that allow you to copy and paste. so, find your new extracting firefox, copying and pasted in : /usr/lib through that super windows.

7. Still on that super nautilus windows, go to file system :


and finds this 2 plugins : and
copy it

8. Pasted those 2 lib plugin at your new firefox plugin, put it at file system :

/usr/lib/firefox-3.6.3 (or what ever you named it)/plugins

you will see, because those plugin is there by firefox default.
remember only use those three plugins, discard another plugins if you have it.

9. Done... now you can use new firefox by creating a launcher, you can create it at menus or on your desktop.

10. To create at your desktop, just Right click your desktop and choose "create launcher..."

11. Fill the name as you like, and comment also what you like it.

12. Browse Command and find it at file system :

/usr/lib/firefox-3.6.3 (or what ever you have named it)/firefox

13. Click on ok to save your launcher... now you can find your new firefox at your desktop.

14. Finally... double Click on firefox icon and try it to open zynga poker or ninja saga... it will appear and show the table list of zynga poker or recruit friends on ninja saga... Done and Finish.

Enjoy your fun games... keep using Ubuntu for its free and awesome OS... ^_^

Update :

Or you just download this newest flash player 10.1 beta 3 from labs adobe, extract, copy and pasted (see above how to copy and paste using sudo nautilus) into flashplugin-installer (/usr/lib/flashplugin-installer) if there were no such directory, than you should install it first.

You can install via terminal by typing :

sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer

or via synaptic by typing flashplugin-installer and mark it for installation.

Choose what easiest to you... but I found when using this method, some bug will happen, such as you can't slide move your bet.... lol

Have a try than...